Lawsuit claims coupled died after tainted meal from Bob Evans

Lawsuit claims coupled died after tainted meal from Bob Evans

(WTVM) – According to a recently filed lawsuit in West Virginia, a meal served at a Bob Evans restaurant may have actually killed an elderly couple.

The children of Harold and Virginia Starcher are filing a lawsuit which claims that their parents died because of the restaurant chain's meatloaf, according to CNN. The children say that a meal they ate in October 2012 at a Bob Evans restaurant made them so "violently ill: that it ultimately led to their deaths.

According to the lawsuit, about nine hours after eating meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli, and a roll, both Harold and Virginia had to be rushed to the hospital. Emergency room staff at Jackson General Hospital in Ripley, WV, told them that they had suffered from food poisoning.

The next day, Harold suffered a stroke and was transported to a rehabilitation facility.

Nearly two months later, Virginia died in hospice care. After this, Harold rapidly deteriorated. The last few months of his life were spent in an intensive care unit.

The couple's children, Mark and Ann Starcher, want $250,000 for medical expenses from Bob Evans Restaurants, as well as an unspecified amount for emotional distress and mental anguish.

"Bob Evans is committed to serving the safest, highest-quality foods to our guests, [and] that is our responsibility and our priority…the company sympathizes with the family for the lost loved ones," a company spokesperson said. "The company has done a thorough review of the alleged claims in this matter, and there is no basis to the allegations contained in the complaint and the suit is entirely without merit."

This case will be heard in a West Virginia federal court in early 2015.

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