WTVM 12/19/14 Editorial: Carmike makes smart decision pulling controversial film

WTVM 12/19/14 Editorial: Sony makes smart decision pulling controversial film

(WTVM) - By now you've probably heard that Columbus-based Carmike Cinemas was the first national theater chain to decide NOT to show the new Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy called "The Interview."

It's a movie about a talk show host recruited to kill the North Korean President, and it might have quickly faded at the box office under normal circumstances.

But Sony Pictures, which made the movie, was hacked by cyber-terrorists who threatened violence at theaters, so Sony cancelled the movie's release.

Carmike's decision made smart business sense because customers need to feel safe in public places like movie theaters.

It was in 2012 at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater that a mentally ill man killed 12 people. Some argue the decision to pull the movie means the cyber-terrorists won. I don't think so. Not in the long run.

Our freedom of speech can never be suppressed simply by keeping one comedy on a movie company's shelf.

Someday the movie, which many people might never see otherwise, will probably be available on demand: through cable or satellite systems or on the internet.

It's clearly necessary for every company to beef up online security to fight cyber-terrorists.

But in the end, freedom always wins - the freedom to make a controversial, politically incorrect or even stupid movie! Our freedom to watch what we want to watch.

Of course the hackers, whoever they are, have no idea what freedom really is and that's why we win - they lose.


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