Helpful hints for last minute holiday shoppers

Helpful hints for last minute holiday shoppers

It's a familiar refrain from holiday shoppers every year a few days before Christmas: "Next year, I'll be on time."

It is the promise people are making to themselves as the crowds gather at the Peachtree Mall in Columbus to get the last items checked off their Christmas list.

"Although we end up doing it every year, fighting the crowd is always a dread," shopper Jaime Ashley said.

If your shopping isn't complete, don't stress you are not alone.

The U.S. National Retail Federation has found that only about half of shoppers had finished their shopping as of as of last week. 

"For most people this is last minute shopping and I get tickled every time I hear that because this is t he first day of shopping for me. I am teacher and just got out Friday, so this is the first time I've shopped," mall shopper Tammy Bailey said.

And if you are a last minute shopper, there is good news; the closer you get to Christmas the better deals your will find. 

"I got (my son) a motorized car at Toys R Us for $160, the big power wheels, so that was pretty good," shopper Kristopher Carson said.

"I think we'll be fine with deals today. For the last minute shoppers, I feel I'm getting in a good one on them because it's actually my first day," Bailey said. 

According to national numbers, 20 percent of consumers wait to finish their Christmas shopping the last few weeks, which is why "Super Saturday," the Saturday before Christmas, is expected to generate more than $20 billion in revenue. 

Mall employees expect to see the same crowds in coming days.

"It does carry over. Since it's the last weekend before Christmas and since we're in a huge military town, this is when everybody gets their time off to shop and stuff. I actually worked 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.," mall employee Jasmin Rivera said. 

If you are venturing out in the coming days, here are some tips: Do your homework in order to find the best deals, make a list and, of course, wear comfortable shoes.

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