CSU students help local nonprofit organizations with special projects

Humphrey Short

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some students at Columbus State University are working on special projects that spotlight and benefit local non-profits around the area.

Spotlighted groups include Brown Bag of Columbus, Buffalo Soldiers Club, Boys and Girls Club, and National Federation for the Blind.

Chris Robinson, director of the NPACE Center at CSU, visited our studios on Tuesday, Dec. 23 to tell us more about it.

"NPACE is big on civic engagement and that's really what these projects are about," Robinson explained. "It's about letting the community know what's out there because a lot of times, these groups don't have money to get videos made and projects done, so that affects their donations and outreach. So what we set out to do was to give a platform to students to not only learn new media and technology but also be able to educate others on what these great are out there doing."

Ultimately, it's a win-win for both the students and organizations.

"It's really awesome because when a lot of students start these projects, they don't even feel like they can do them," Robinson added. "And once they get into them and start meeting people and start putting pieces together, they start to understand that 'wow, I can actually do this, and I'm also actually making a difference and really helping educate people on these great organizations.'"

Students are learning all aspects of new media, going above and beyond just learning about all aspects of technology.

"They're learning video and audio, they're learning good techniques, and they're learning correct techniques they need to know to do the job well. And that's the difference between doing it on your own and kind of learning and going through the struggles that it takes to understand what you're doing and why you're doing it."

We will also post all of the segments online and attach them to this story.

To learn more about NPACE, visit their official website at this link.

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