Gas giveaway results in long lines

Gas giveaway results in long lines
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(Source: WTVM)
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – One local church filled up tanks and spread the word of God this holiday season as hundreds of people lined up for a free gas giveaway on Christmas Eve.

Some locals now have more money to go towards purchasing gifts. One participant said gifts aren't cheap and this giveaway was right on time.

"I think it's a blessing! That's exactly what it is," said Niketa Harris of Columbus.

Local church group My Father's House International Outreach Ministries gave away $1,000 in gas.

"I'm directing cars," said youth minister Michelle Bostic. "I'm pumping gas. I'm paying for gas!"

Bostic helped the giveaway run as smoothly as possible.

Hundreds of cars lined up outside the Reese's Marathon Gas Station on Warm Springs Road in Columbus to top off their tanks.

"To reach out to the people to let them know that we are here," Bostic explained. "Let them know that we're not just here to receive but we're also here to give."

So many people showed up to participate, some had to be turned away, but the church says they will continue to do all they can to give back to the community.

"Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you and many blessings to this church!"

If you'd like to visit My Father's House International Outreach Ministries, information about their services is on

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