Phenix City teen in need of heart transplant

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - 14-year-old Miranda Spurlin of Phenix City seemed perfectly healthy.

The ninth grade clarinet player at Central High Freshman Academy rarely got sick until last week chest pains and a random dizzy spell sent her to the hospital.

"Saturday of this week, she went into cardiac arrest. Once she came out of that she went on an epi-pump. She had a biopsy and that's when we learned her heart is working at 10 percent right now," explains Miranda's father, Mike Spurlin.

The Spurlin family is now in Atlanta at the Egleston Children's Hospital where News Leader 9 caught up with them over Skype.

Miranda underwent surgery for a pacemaker Tuesday, December 30.

She is now recovering and her spirits couldn't be higher.

"I don't want anyone to see me hurt because I want everyone to be ok," says Miranda.

Miranda was born with a muscle deficiency in her heart, but has not had any side effects for 14 years.

She will now be put on the list for a new heart.

"The next step for us is we'll be going to Birmingham to try and locate her a heart replacement. She has to have a total heart transplant. We will be put on the list and go from there," explains her father.

Miranda's family says she has been through enough, after losing her biological mother in an accident at a young age and this is another hurdle she will overcome.

"Yesterday is gone; you got today and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Take it one day at a time. It is the only way to do it," says Mike Spurlin.

The family wants to thank their support group back home in Phenix City and wants to let them know they will see them soon.

"I love them, I miss them and I I'll be home soon," says Miranda.

If you would like to donate to the Spurlin family, you can do at the following website:

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