Residents fear landlord will cut off their water

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A group of Columbus residents are concerned their landlord will cut off their water on Jan. 2.

They say he left a copy of his water bill in their door and asked them to pay $36 each.

Sheron Thomas has lived in her apartment for more than three years and said she has never paid a water bill before, but now she is concerned.

"There's only one meter on the side of the building so he expects one of the tenants to take responsibility put the water in their name and collect the money, so as of tomorrow we will no longer have running water for anything," Thomas said.

The landlord Saturday Ologhoejebi, also known as Mr. OJ, was in the news


According to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, "The tenant is to be told how the water bill will be calculated before signing the lease."

The residents said they have never paid a water bill and there wasn't an agreement to pay a water bill anywhere in their lease.

When WTVM reporter Tesia Reed tried to talk to Ologhoejebi he ignored her, told her to get off his property, and slammed the door in her  face.

"Columbus Water Works say they not going to do it, because it's illegal, so he's going to come out here with a little T and turn the water off himself," David Jackson said.

Jackson is another concerned resident in the same building as Thomas and says he has an unfixed leak in his apartment. 

"And we have a water leak in our apartment but he's told us he's not going to fix anything and that's making the water bill even higher," Jackson said. 

One resident says she hasn't had water since she moved in at the end of October.

The residents said they will be taking him to court for this matter and we will continue to bring you updates on this story.

According to the Better Business Bureau, his business Checker Properties is not accredited through their website. 

You can see the Georgia Landlord Tenant handbook at this link.

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