WTVM Editorials 12/24/14: Atlanta gun smuggling

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You may have heard about the FBI arresting an Atlanta baggage handler for Delta and another man, a former Delta employee, for smuggling guns through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport over the past five years.

It's a stunning security breach at a time when us law abiding travelers remain subject to random pat downs and strict screenings.

The FBI claims the men used their employee passes to thwart security by bringing a total of 129 guns, including 18 in one backpack alone, into the airport and on to multiple flights to New York City undetected.

The gun smuggling case should be alarming to anyone who flies and it shows that security behind the scenes at an airport is just as important as passenger screenings - maybe more important.

Delta needs to immediately and honestly reassess its airport operations and plug any holes that allowed this to happen.

If two rogue gun smugglers can carry guns - some of which were loaded, by the way - on to a passenger jet, then terrorists could do the same. The results if that happens are too frightening to even think about.


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