WTVM Editorials 1/2/15: Landlord issues

WTVM Editorials 1/2/15: Landlord issues

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – News Leader 9 recently exposed some unsavory business practices of a landlord named Saturday Ologhoejebi, who owns Checker Properties in Columbus.

First, he appeared to rent the same apartment to two different families, was challenged in court and ordered to pay back a $1,000 deposit to one of the would-be tenants.

Then, we recently reported more troubles for other Ologhoejebi tenants, who were threatened with a water shutoff unless one of them put the water meter for the building in their name.

In both cases, the landlord refused to answer our questions or address his tenants.

Checker Properties has been given a grade of F by the Better Business Bureau, which cites at least five complaints against Ologhoejebi.

It points out the need for tenants to do their research before renting.

Most Columbus landlords do a great job of servicing their tenants' needs.

We think the tenants of Checker Properties and this landlord deserve better than what the record shows.

So, we challenge Mr. Ologhoejebi to resolve the outstanding complaints of his tenants. They deserve immediate answers and action.


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