Comet Lovejoy visible this week

Comet Lovejoy visible this week

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Sky gazers should be able to view a comet this week with the help of binoculars

The Coca Cola Space Science Center will be having a web show of the comet Lovejoy on its web site Wednesday, Jan 7, and Thursday, Jan 8, starting at 9 PM. The web show will show a live image of the comet.

Dr. Rosa Williams, of the Coca Cola Space Science Center, says if you miss the comet this time around, then you will have a long wait for the next one.

"This one in particular is what we call a long period comet. It comes from the far reaches of the solar system. And it only visits once every thousand years. So this is a once a lifetime opportunity," says Williams.

Some forecast say as the comet reaches peak brightness this week it may even be visible to the unaided eye for observers in extremely dark skies away from city lights.

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