Be There: Spelling Bee Frenzy underway in Muscogee County

Be There: Spelling Bee Frenzy underway in Muscogee County

MIDLAND, GA (WTVM) - The traditional spelling bee frenzy is about to get underway in Muscogee County as students try to spell their way to the top.

Starting next week, elementary and middle schools will hold their spelling bee competitions. On Wednesday, Jan. 7, News Leader 9 spoke with a 7th grader who's in full spelling bee prep mode.

Israel Florence is doing practice drills in preparation for Midland Middle school's spelling bee. 

"I just try to not focus on the audience and focus on the words," explained Israel. 

With her mom by her side and dad cheering her own, Israel is no stranger to the nail-biting competition.

That same level of concentration pushed Israel into the first runner up slot in elementary school, and last year she finished in the top 10 at Midland and this time, she's hoping to come out on top. 

"I'll strategize and do five words and if I get all of them right, I'll get five minutes to play on my iPod," Israel said. 

Israel's mom, Angela Florence, who helps protect the community, also finds time to make sure her daughter stays on top of her game.

"I have a list of words that we go over nightly and once she completes 10 words with add to them like a building block," Florence said.  

Florence also offers this advice to other parents: "I would just say be patient with their child, take time with them and continue to inspire them."

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