VIDEO: GA man gets police involved in surprise marriage proposal

The happy couple hopes to get married in November 2016. (Source: David Calhoun)
The happy couple hopes to get married in November 2016. (Source: David Calhoun)

CARROLLTON, GA (WTVM) - A Georgia man wanted to give his longtime girlfriend a marriage proposal she'd never forget, and got the police involved.

David Calhoun, a deputy with the Carroll County, GA Sheriff's Office, was driving with his girlfriend Crystal Laminack in her car when they were pulled over by University of West Georgia campus police officer on Nov. 13 on campus.

In a plan that had been in the works for seven months, the couple was pulled over and asked to step out of her car that he was driving. They were told that the insurance had been suspended and the driver had to be detained.

"I did this proposal in a way she would remember and in a place that meant something to the both of us as we both got our undergraduate degrees there [UWG]," Calhoun said.

A stunned Laminack thought that her boyfriend would be taken to the same jail he's worked at for two years. Even as Calhoun was handcuffed by the officer and placed in the back of a squad car, she had no clue it was all an elaborate plan.

The camera inside the squad car shows David un-cuffed and pulling a ring box out of his pocket. As he's making preparations, the officer, who pulls off a great performance, scolds and chastises the nervous Laminack about her insurance lapse.

To see how the proposal was done, you'll just have to watch the video and find out. 

But the campus police officer, with the permission of the UWG's chief of police, allowed Calhoun to make this creative proposal.

Their family wasn't totally surprised about the proposal. David said his grandmother even quipped that "it was about time they got around" to making things official.

Even the ring Calhoun proposed with has a unique story.

"I worked on putting the ring together for almost two years," Calhoun said. "Instead of buying a ring from a store, I found a band, and spent almost 18 months looking for the right stone to go in it."

They're planning their wedding for November 2016.

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