WTVM Editorials 1/9/15: The sound of security

WTVM Editorials 1/9/15: The sound of security

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Last week and all this week, you may hear the booming sounds of the 120 millimeter guns at Fort Benning.

The training uses the Abram tank's main guns to make sure the soldiers get a realistic battlefield experience.

Fort Benning lets us know what the blasts are so we won't wonder about the noise. The truth is, that noise should always be a welcome and loud reminder of Fort Benning's role in our economic security.

Fort Benning is a special place for all of us, whether we were go on post or not.

The soldiers, officers and trainees are important members of our community and not just because they make sacrifices to serve our country.

The soldiers and Fort Benning itself are vitally important because they play a huge role in our supporting our local economy.

The soldiers rent homes, buy cars, eat out in local restaurants, host their families in local motels for graduations, shop in our grocery stores and in so many other ways are deeply woven into the underlying fabric that makes up our entire region's economic stability.

So when you hear the booming sounds coming from Fort Benning, you should welcome the noise of those guns of freedom that give the fort a special place of honor in our community and our way of live.


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