3 students involved in off-campus shooting in Tuskegee late Saturday

3 students involved in off-campus shooting in Tuskegee late Saturday

TUSKEGEE, AL (WTVM) - Three Tuskegee University students were involved in an off-campus shooting late Saturday, according to a statement from the school.

East Alabama reporter Allen Henry says the victims are two females and one male, were shot.

The male student, 19-year-old Ayden Harris, was shot five times. According to Henry, a family member days he's currently in ICU at East Alabama Medical Center in stable condition.

"He's in good hands here at the medical center. But he is in, ICU, intensive care, and that means a lot to me. He's a real strong guy. He's an A-student, pre-med, ROTC, he's part of a fraternity - a real cream of the crop I would say. And I'm real surprised that this incident took place and he was involved with it. So I'm still trying to figure it out and piece together what exactly took place," Harris's uncle, Carl Hemphill said.

Tuskegee University's Chief of Staff Edward Brown said a full investigation by the university and the City of Tuskegee police is underway.

"Any time Tuskegee University students are involved in any altercation of this nature, it's a very sad day for the university. Our primary concern is for the students and their families, which is why we have done everything to touch base with them. They are in stable condition and we look forward to them coming back and reengaging with the campus community as soon as possible," Brown said.

The statement from the university reads in full:

Tuskegee University confirms that there has been an off-campus shooting involving three of its students. The City of Tuskegee police department is investigating the incident. University representatives have visited and been in contact with the students and their families. The students are in stable condition and are expected to recover from their injuries. The university is cooperating with local authorities regarding the investigation.

The university is also conducting it's own investigation to run parallel with the city's to determine whether there have been any violations of the student code of conduct policy pertaining to off-campus activities as outlined in the Student Handbook and Student Affairs Policies, Rules and Procedures.

At this time, the University is most concerned with the health and welfare of the students who were injured or impacted during this incident. Counseling services are being made available to those who have been impacted by this incident. They may contact the Counseling Center at 334-727-8244.

If anyone has information on the identity of the alleged shooter, please contact the City of Tuskegee Police at 334-727-0200.

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