GBI takes caution after attack in France

GBI takes caution after attack in France

(WTVM/CNN) - Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. are on high alert after that attack in France.

Among them, the New York City Police Department sent an internal memo, telling employees to, "remain alert."

Closer to home, the Georgia bureau of investigation confirms its own focus on counter terrorism. One official says there are self-radicalized groups in the state which are being monitored.

"There are individuals in the state of Georgia that we have concerns about and that are monitored by the federal authorities and by the GBI as we work with our federal authorities. Many of these individuals have not committed violations of the law yet," Vernon Keenan says, the Director of the GBI.

Although they haven't committed any crimes yet, GBI Director Vernon Keenan says those individuals are still a concern to law enforcement.

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