Website ships glitter bombs to foes for under $10

Website ships glitter bombs to foes for under $10

(WTVM) - A new website is becoming popular with those who don't wish to send gifts of kindness to their enemies in the new year.

The website is

, and the concept is simple: for just $9.99 AUD, or approximately $8.16 USD, a person can send their nemesis or someone they just want to prank, a parcel of glitter. The glitter bomb will then fall all over that person and be mercilessly difficult to get rid of.

The idea

and is based out of Sydney. It appears Carpenter likes to glitter bomb his friends, and wants to share his love of pranks for a nominal fee. The website also says it will not disclose who sent the prank to the person who received it.

In an email, Carpenter, 22, said he just has "too much free time on his hands" and will now fill that free time by "sending glitter to terrible people." The website was launched Tuesday, and Carpenter said the coverage online has garnered more than 1.3 million hits to the website in that time.

The company is real, the product is real and the reviews are so captivating, the website crashed Tuesday night, according to


Carpenter said that there will be international shipping and in the short life span of the website, they've already received thousands of orders, but did not give a specific number. He said the first batch of shipping will begin this weekend, and following that, will reopen the order form on the website. 

And glitter bombs aren't anything new - several presidential candidates and the Kardashians have been glitter bombed, and it's been a visual form of protest by the LGBT community in the last several years, according to the Washington Post.

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