Landlord ordered to pay tenant following court proceedings

Landlord makes court appearance

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Saturday Ologhojebi, a Columbus landlord who's been accused by several tenants of questionable dealings, has been ordered to pay Anita Anderson $840 plus court cost.

This happened after he was found to have knowingly rented her a home that was already occupied.

"Yes I did. I am so happy. He was sitting up there lying and got caught up in all his lies," Anita Anderson said.

The hearing only lasted for about 45 minutes.

"You can give me my money back on the house, give me the key, or give me the lease to the house, he cursed me out, Anderson says."

The pair have been in disputes for three months.

Ologhojebi says Anderson decided not to move into the home after paying the deposit, but because he gave her a key he says by law he can keep the money whether she moved in or not.

Anderson says it was impossible for her to move in because someone else already lived there.

Anderson stated, "The lady said she had gave him the deposit on the house and that she was going to pay him the rest of the rent for the month. I showed her all the paperwork and she was like, 'how could he double rent the house to somebody'."

Ologhojebi claims he should not be held personally responsible, but that the claims should be filed against his company, Checker Properties, Inc.

The courts disagreed with him.

"Because the property itself is owned by Saturday A. Ologhojebi," Judge Steven Smith stated.

Anderson will be paid a total of $883 by Ologhojebi.

"I feel so good now that I get to get my money back and other people can see that you can get him. He can't keep outsmarting people like that and getting away with it," Anderson said.

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