CSU students win scholarships from Cannon Brew Pub

CSU students win scholarships from Cannon Brew Pub

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A local restaurant handed out scholarships to some Columbus State Students on Friday, Jan. 16.

The CSU students entered Cannon Brew Pub's design competition, and they had to design a new beer can and tap handles.

The winner of the best beer can design received $600 worth of Cannon Brew Pub gift cards, and the person with the best tap handle won $1,000 towards tuition.

"I feel spectacular," said first place winner Braelen Hill. "I didn't plan on winning anything so it's great to find out you know me taking, me rolling the dice on myself was a worthy gamble."

"We needed help with the design of a tap handle," explained Brian Plemmons, president of Valley Hospitality and Food Services. "So our partners at CSU we went to them and said could you go to your Art Department and ask them if they would be interested, and in return we would give a $1,000 scholarship or give second place- we would give… let 'em dine at the Cannon for a full year."

Cannon Brew Pub needed a tap handle designed because they are expanding and will begin serving from the tap at numerous locations.

When asked if the competition would bring about other opportunities for CSU's Art Department, both Cannon and CSU representatives said that this is the first of many more opportunities to come.

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