Alternative to controversial ALICE training program offered

Alternative to controversial ALICE training program offered

(WXTX) - A technique called "ALICE Training" is making waves in school districts across the country, but it's what that training requires that's getting all the attention and W.F. Burns Middle School in Valley, Ala. is 100 percent behind it.

The technique requires students to throw canned goods at an intruder as a last resort. While it may not seem logical, some school systems in the U.S. are okay with it.

"No canned goods involved and no having to have a bad person in the place to throw the canned goods at," explains Jeff Burkholder, the owner of Classroom Secure Rapid Lock System.

His system allows a person inside a classroom to lock the door instantly in milliseconds without having to leave the room or go outside to lock the door in the event of an emergency.

"The rapid lock system can be attached to most all standard school doors which has the level handle type of door handles or older style classroom doors so that they could be rapidly locked down in case of an emergency."

With numerous school shootings and multiple deaths as a result, Burkholder says this is a simple technique that will keep your kids safe but not keep them caged in, which is something some local parents are against.

"I don't know, it doesn't sound like a good idea. What if something happens to the teacher and the kids can't get out?"

"If he is in the building, locking the classroom so the gunman can't get in is one way to do it."

What it does it is actually allows the door to be in the open position by using the infriction, so the classroom is technically locked but really it's open, so students can come and go as necessary, but the moment in an emergency all a teacher or a student have to do is reach over and turn the handle down.

According to Burkholder, there are only two schools using the system right now, but he expects that to change soon.

As part of their KickStarter program, the classroom secure RLS system is being offered for free to schools across the U.S.

If you would like to register your school for this safety system, just

for more information.

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