Grandmother speaks out after facing 2 possible thieves in her home

Auburn home invasion

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - An Auburn grandmother who came face to face with two would-be thieves after they kicked in her door is speaking out.

Barbara lives in the Morgan Hills neighborhood just off Ogletree Road in Auburn, Ala. It's a quiet area, considered very safe full of families and neighbors who know one another. Barbara has lived in her home for several years and had always felt safe.

On Tuesday, Jan. 20 around lunch, an unfamiliar car parked in her driveway and Barbara heard a knock at the door. She described what happened next as a terrifying turning point in her life.

"Someone didn't just knock on my door, they beat on my front door," Barbara says.

Barbara decided not to answer, but a few seconds later she heard her backdoor being kicked in.

"I came around the corner of my living room and he was in the process of kicking in my door, the second kick and simply blew the door out, and he just stepped inside for what seemed like forever, and we just looked at each other," she says.

Barbara believes the suspects were surprised to find her at home, and thankfully they ran away. She called 911 and says Auburn police were at her door within minutes.

"At first you are just absolutely terrified, and then terrified goes to what can I do to take better care of myself, my home and my family?" she said. 

Since the incident happened, Barbara's taken action by installing a peep hole and adding steel reinforcements to her doors. She also activated a security system with cameras, and she has chosen to arm herself.

"Quite honestly, I am going to take a gun safety course and go that round," Barbara said. "Also I am doing what I can to feel safe and it's mainly due to my family."

Barbara said if this can happen at her home in the middle of the day, then it can happen to anyone and she is encouraging people to better protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Auburn police are still investigating the case. Investigators are searching for two men, around 20-years-old driving a four door black vehicle.

Auburn police say home burglaries are down, but one burglary is one too many.

Police believe thieves look for the path of least resistance, so if you have an alarm hopefully they will bypass your home or it will scare them away if they do break in.

Also, talk to your neighbors, keep an eye out for one another, and as always call police as soon as you feel something isn't quite right.

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