WTVM Editorials: 1/23/15: 'American Sniper'

WTVM Editorials: 1/23/15: 'American Sniper'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - I saw the movie "American Sniper" in a packed Columbus theater, where the audience was completely engrossed in the story of the eagle-eyed hero Chris Kyle, credited with more kills than any other military sniper in U.S. history.

The movie is now an Oscar-nominated bona fide box office hit.

But it is also generating negative comments on social media from the usual military critics.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore jumped on the movie, first equating snipers with "cowards," then backpedaling away and trying to spin it back to a positive. The critics can have their say, but American snipers date back to the Revolutionary War, and provide life-saving cover for their brothers in arms.

By the way, the Hollywood critics of "American Sniper" don't seem to have a big problem with drones, which also kill from afar, but cause more civilian collateral damage with Islamic terrorists.

That's the message of "American Sniper": kill or be killed.

With nearly everyone in a war zone, there is an enemy who wants us dead, and we should thank our brave soldiers for every kill that cuts down their numbers.

Snipers like the late Chris Kyle protect us over here every time they squeeze the trigger over there.


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