LaFayette Police Chief admits to perjury in divorce proceedings

LaFayette Police Chief charges
Documents obtained by News Leader 9's Elizabeth White confirm the police chief's legal troubles. (Source: Elizabeth White/WTVM)
Documents obtained by News Leader 9's Elizabeth White confirm the police chief's legal troubles. (Source: Elizabeth White/WTVM)
Documents obtained by News Leader 9's Elizabeth White confirm the police chief's legal troubles. (Source: Elizabeth White/WTVM)
Documents obtained by News Leader 9's Elizabeth White confirm the police chief's legal troubles. (Source: Elizabeth White/WTVM)

LAFAYETTE, AL (WTVM) - LaFayette, AL's police chief ordered to pay fine or go to jail for perjuring himself during divorce case, according to documents.

News Leader 9's Elizabeth White has confirmed LaFayette Police Chief Kenneth Vines admitted to altering documents and perjuring himself during his divorce case back in September 2014 in front of Circuit Judge Ray Martin.

Judge Martin released his Judgment on Jan. 20 and ordered Chief Vines to pay a $100.00 fine and serve five days in the Chambers County Detention Facility for deceiving the Court.

The sentence was suspended when Chief Vines paid the fine. Here is a portion of the Divorce Judgment, obtained by News Leader 9, discussing the incident on page 10, paragraph 15.

The documents read as follows:

During the course of this trial evidence was presented that plaintiff had altered two documents he produced to Defendants attorney in response to discovery requests. The court is satisfied that the Plaintiff altered the documents prior to submitting them to his attorney knowing the documents would be provided to the attorney for the Defendant and to the Court as part of his written discovery responses. Plaintiff then committed perjury during his testimony at trial when confronted about the altered documents and after the trial of the case the Plaintiff sent the court an unsolicited, written apology through certified mail on City of Lafayette Police Department stationary admitting to his deceit and fraud upon the court and apologized for the same. Based on these events and the Plaintiffs' own admissions, he intentionally committed a fraud upon the Court and is due to be sanctioned for such conduct. As punishment therefor, Plaintiff is fined $100.00 to be paid to the Clerk of this Court within seven days from the date of entry of this Judgment. Further, the Plaintiff is sentenced to serve five days in the Chambers County Jail, said sentence to be suspended upon payment by him of the $100.00 fine.

News Leader 9 has reached out to Chief Vines for a comment on this matter. Chief Vines' administrative assistant tells News Leader 9 she spoke with Chief Vines about our request for comment on the perjury matter and Vines asked her to tell us he is out of town and does not have a comment.

News Leader 9 has also reached out to the attorney who represented Chief Vines in his divorce case.

We have also reached out to LaFayette's mayor, Barry Moody, for a comment after learning the issue was brought up at a recent LaFayette City Council Meeting.

Councilman Michael Ellis tells White he brought up the perjury issue concerning Police Chief Kenneth Vines' divorce, at the last council meeting. Ellis made a motion Vines be suspended with pay, pending an investigation.

The motion died for the lack of a second.

"Are we going to allow this type of stuff to happen," Ellis asked the council.

Ellis says other city employees have been fired for less and several have been terminated for lying in court.

Councilmen Ellis, who is an investigator for the Chambers County District Attorney's Office, released this statement to News Leader 9:

I'm doing this because the people in my district elected me to represent them and do what's right regarding the city's business. I've sat as a council member for two years and complained about money being wasted on take home vehicles and city cell phones. I'm always being told that we don't have money to pay someone for code enforcement and for a Park and Recreation Director. I choose to stand alone when it's for doing what's right for the citizens of LaFayette. I had a duty to talk about Chief Vines' case, not caring about his divorce, until he made it the city's business, by lying under oath, presenting fraudulent documents and presenting the court a letter on official, City of LaFayette stationary, by certified mail. I'm wondering if the city paid for that also. I took my seat as a Councilor, ready to be a part of this team led by Mayor Moody, but learned I'm always left out of the loop. I'm still focused and ready to work for a better LaFayette. I do live here and I love it here. 

White spoke with Chambers County Assistant District Attorney Damon Lewis. Lewis will neither confirm or deny his office has opened up an investigation regarding LaFayette's Police Chief.

Elizabeth White will continue to follow up on this developing story.

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