WTVM Editorials 1/30/15: Sweeps

WTVM Editorials 1/30/15: Sweeps

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Our News Leader 9 news team has been reporting on two important issues related to how people interact with police.

One special report called "Know Your Rights" was about what you should do when an officer stops you.

Politely complying with the officer's requests is the best way to avoid a confrontation.

Officers can require you to show your license, registration and proof of insurance.

Failure to comply is not an option.

You can video tape an officer, but that officer also has the right to ask you to stop if you're interfering in an investigation.

The police have a tough job to do and it's everyone's responsibility to be smart: don't escalate the situation by being argumentative.

If an issue arises later, or you decide to fight the charge or ticket, you do that in court not when you're stopped.

Another special report we will bring you this week, involves officers wearing body cameras. Columbus police gave us access to some recent BODY CAM videos.

Officers hope the cameras will reduce the risk of dangerous confrontations by preserving a record of events and the context of what really happened.

In other communities where body cameras are used routinely, studies have shown that incidents of violence have dropped dramatically.

We hope that by reminding viewers of their rights and responsibilities and sharing news about the latest tools used in policing, all of us will be smarter and safer.


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