Columbus family seeks closure in 2012 murder of grandson

Columbus family seeks closure in 2012 murder of grandson

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Jeanette Davis lost her grandson, 19-year-old Antonio Robinson, to murder in 2012.

"The accuser's family can see them. We can't see, we can never see Antonio," says Davis.

In April of 2012, Robinson and his cousins were leaving a nightclub on 10th Avenue in Columbus when they decided to talk to girls, making their boyfriends angry.

Robinson and his cousins got into his Jeep and left the club.

The cousins told police by the time they noticed they were being followed but it was too late.

"He was trying to get away from the situation, but he was shot in the head," explains Davis.

Javonta Harris and Robert Miller were charged with his murder.

Just short of three years later, Davis is asking for closure and believes the judicial system is not working fast enough.

"If they're are found not guilty, closure. If it's guilty, closure. It doesn't matter, it's just the waiting game," says Davis.

Harris and Miller appeared in court last week.

However, their case was continued after an incorrect filing of their pleas.

"Me being a Christian, I forgive the people, but I just need to get closure. I want closure for my family, especially my husband," explains Davis.

Robinson played basketball at Penn State University.

He was planning on attending CSU and left behind a two-year-old daughter.

His family is hoping for a trial date to be set soon, so they can put the gruesome details of his death behind them and honor his legacy.

"I don't care if it's your child or my child. Whoever child it is, it is a high profile, whether it gets media attention or not, it is high profile," explains Davis.

Davis says they will be holding a can light vigil for Robinson in April.

She is also hoping to open a center in his name for children in the future.

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