More female soldiers qualify to attend the Ranger course

More female soldiers qualify to attend the Ranger course
(Source: Fort Benning)
(Source: Fort Benning)

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) – A Ranger Training Assessment Course has been taking place over the past few months and it will determine who will qualify to attend the Ranger course in April.

A total of 12 women have qualified to attend the gender-integrated Ranger course. Of the first iteration of the gender-integrated RTAC, five women qualified, on the second RTAC only one qualified and lastly six female officers qualified during the latest Ranger Training Assessment Course.

Units across the Army are sending qualified female soldiers to RTAC in preparation for their first Ranger course with male and female soldiers.

"This first iteration of an integrated RTAC has provided significant lessons learned as we conduct a deliberate and professional way forward to the integrated assessment in April," Maj. Gen. Scott Miller stated, commanding general of the Maneuver Center of Excellence on Fort Benning.

The Ranger Training Assessment Course accesses eligible Army Active Duty, National Guard and foreign military soldiers, on their ability to meet the challenges of Ranger Course,

In the past, more than half of the soldiers who complete the RTAC successfully complete the Ranger Course.

The course was designated a pre-requisite for all women who want to be part of the Ranger Course Assessment. It is designed to improve the combat arms functional skills of an officer and enlisted volunteers.

"The cadre was impressed with the level of physical fitness and dedication of the majority of female volunteers", Lt. Col. Edmund "Beau" Riely said, commander, ARNG Warrior Training Center. He also says the most common reaction among the cadre was appreciation that there were no changes to the standards.

A soldier who completes RTAC should be able to demonstrate physical and mental preparedness for the U.S. Army Ranger Course as well as apply troop leading procedures. They should also be able to navigate various terrains while dismounted, and develop and carry out combat orders for combat patrols to the same standard as the U.S. Army Ranger Course.

This is the first of four consecutive iterations of RTAC prior to the Ranger Course Assessment, which begins April 20.

The last course with male and female students will be given on April 3-18.

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