WTVM Editorials 2/6/15: LaGrange quintuple homicide

WTVM Editorials 2/6/15: LaGrange quintuple homicide

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of the victims in the tragic LaGrange multiple homicide case was William Burtron, a man his grieving family says was a fine father, a loyal employee and a fighter.

When he failed to show up for work for several days, his worried employer knew it was out of character and called police.

When no one answered the door at Burtron's home, police forced open a door and officers found the grisly crime scene.

Meanwhile, a pastor in Mississippi unknowingly helped the fleeing suspect, Thomas Lee, Burtron's son-in-law, with money for a bus ticket. He then realized Lee was wanted and the pastor called police.

No one knows why such a heinous act of domestic violence happened in LaGrange.

Lee will get his day in court, and the legal process may eventually shed light on why it happened. All we know for now is that Burtron's employer and the Mississippi pastor chose to do the right thing – to get involved and help police try to solve this sad and baffling case.


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