Will the "Stocking Strangler" get a new trial?

Will the "Stocking Strangler" get a new trial?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Day two of pre-trial motions for Carlton Gary, also known as the "stocking strangler," wrapped up for at least a few months.

The court resumed Friday morning and the third witness in the hearing was called to the stand.

Retired Judge Bill Smith, the district attorney who prosecuted Gary, testified on what he remembered from the initial trial.

Gary's attorney, Jack Martin, questioned the witness about specific details including fingerprints, DNA found on the women's clothes, contamination of evidence, and specifics of evidence presented in Thursday's hearing including a shoe print and whether bite marks were analyzed for comparison.

District attorney Julia Slater had many objections, but she did not have any questions of her own for the witness on the stand.

At the end of the hearing Gary was allowed to chat with his wife and daughter for a few minutes before headed back behind bars.

Judge Jordan Jr. gave the defense 45 days to file arguments once they receive a transcript from the pre trial motions.

The prosecution will have 45 days to respond, and then the defense will be allowed another 30 days to respond.

The judge will then make a decision if oral closing arguments are necessary and also if the "stocking strangler" will get a new trial.

Gary has been on death row for the past 24 years, convicted of killing three women in Columbus in the 1970s.

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