NAACP signs people up for ACA before upcoming deadline

ACA Enrollment

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The deadline to enroll for the Affordable Care Act is quickly approaching.

The NAACP Columbus branch held a enrollment session Saturday at Peaceful Holiness Church on Buena Vista Road.

NAACP members wants to get as many people as they can signed up for the Affordable Care Act.

Along with Get Covered America, navigators from around the state of Georgia sat down with those interested in understanding ACA. Navigators say it's important people know their options and find out if they are eligible for the program before it's too late.

"The penalty will come on their taxes. We have information here regarding that. If you were eligible during 2014 and didn't sign up, the penalty at that time was one percent of your income or 95 dollars, which ever one was greater. That goes up in 2015. That penalty down is 325 dollars or two percent of your income. So lets see if you are eligible for these services," said Linda Olsen, Get Covered America Field Organizer.

There is another chance to get signed up for ACA on Saturday, February 14th at the Mildred Terry Library on Veterans Parkway from 12:30 until 5 p.m.

To have health coverage starting March 1, you need to sign up by the deadline on February 15th.

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