GA medical cannabis bill sparks debate as vote nears

GA medical cannabis bill sparks debate as vote nears

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Because of his daughter Miranda's retractable seizures, Vincent Sievert of LaGrange has taken measures to control them after other options didn't work. She uses a medical cannabis oil in Colorado.

"We started looking at other ways and other things to do and we ran across Allen Peake's, the representative from Macon and he said he has families in Colorado where they are receiving medical marijuana or cannabis oil and its working for them," said Sievert.

Sievert and his family are waiting for House Bill 1 to pass in Georgia. As the bill stands, those with cancer, autism, seizures and a range of other illnesses and diseases will benefit from the medical cannabis oil.

Sievert rallied for the legalization and for in state cultivation of medical marijuana last Tuesday in Atlanta.

"There are hundreds of thousands of families that will benefit from this, Crohns disease, PTSD, military families in Georgia that will benefit from this," said Sievert.

Governor Deal suggest narrowing the bill down to include only seizure prone children, and offering an immunity from prosecution of those bringing it across state lines into Georgia.

3rd District Georgia GOP Chairman, Dale Jackson legalizing cannabis oil can be beneficial.

"Like my son who is autistic. He's six years old and completely non verbal and cannabis oil has been proven in some cases to help children develop that ability to talk," said Jackson.

And he says people should not be worried of any misuse of the drug if legalized.

"It's not about smoking pot, its only about cannabis oil. And its only in certain ratios where its physically impossible to get a high or buzz, so there is no need for anyone to be concerned about abusing this cannabis oil," said Jackson.

The house committee is expected to vote on the bill Monday.

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