Man sentenced for capital murder of 4-year-old

Man sentenced to capital murder

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - In May of 2012, investigators say convicted child killer, Ramiro Delreal-Contreras kicked his girlfriend's daughter.

4-year-old Ava Zapata was kicked so hard in her stomach that it ruptured her organs, causing her to die a slow and painful death.

Delreal-Contreras claimed he kicked the child on accident while babysitting while her mother was at work.

A medical examiner compared the force of the kick to a child falling out of a two story window onto a fence post.

Ava got very sick, and was taken to EAMC, then UAB in Birmingham.

Doctors testified they could have saved her if Delreal-Contreras had told them what he had done, but he said nothing.

"I have no doubt in my mind he kicked her, then remained silent to make sure she had no chance of living," Jessica Ventiere stated, Lee County's Assistant Attorney.

Delreal-Contreras was found guilty of felony murder in December. Wednesday Feb. 11, a judge sentenced him 50 years in prison.

At some point he be will eligible for parole.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Ventiere says she will fight to keep Ava's killer in prison for as long as possible.

Ventiere continued, "There is nothing more tragic that a child's death, and it has impacted everyone who has touched this case, so in a way, Ava will continue to live on and she is the reason we fight so hard for what we do."

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