Unveiling the mask on literacy

Unveiling the mask on literacy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus organization is making an effort to make sure our children get the reading skills they need to succeed.

On Thursday night, the Literacy Alliance held a parent involvement program called "Unveil the Mask on Literacy."

It was held at Kendrick High School Media Center in Columbus.

Parents turned out to learn how they can help their children become better readers and better learners.

"Learning is not just reading but you gotta have a mindset and many of our children don't have anyone at home that says to them, you have to do what other folk tell you to do," said retired educator Vannessa Biggers. "You can't just come to school and take over the school."

Parents were encouraged to remember that every child is different. They were also asked to remember that as parents, all they can ask from their children is their best effort.

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