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SPECIAL: ABC News presents Extreme Weather in America

(WTVM) – ABC News presents Extreme Weather in America, airing Sunday, Feb. 15 at 4: 30 p.m. EST on WTVM News Leader 9.

During this 30-minute program, The ABC News Extreme Weather Team will take viewers on a wild journey through the most catastrophic weather of the last decade. 

Are the storms stronger? Are we getting more snow? Is it hotter and drier than ever? 

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee, and senior meteorologist Rob Marciano take you inside the most dramatic and dangerous weather events in a way you have never seen before. 

From 3D images, to being on the ground in the seconds after a tornado devastates a community, this special provides a look inside the most compelling weather stories, and the science behind them. 

We'll also look at how smart phones and social media are changing the way we think about and experience the weather every day.

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