WTVM 2/13/15 Editorial: The evils of ISIS

WTVM 2/13/15 Editorial: The evils of ISIS

(WTVM) - We were all shocked at the latest death of an American volunteer working to better lives in Syria.

Kayla Mueller was the latest to die, following the hideous death by fire of the Jordanian pilot set aflame in a cage with no way to escape.

Her death was documented in a sick and twisted video by the Islamic State Terrorists who call themselves ISIS.

No one knows yet exactly how Kayla died, but burning the pilot alive was a new depth of evil for ISIS that followed numerous beheadings of American journalists, Britons and Japanese prisoners.

All of these atrocities by ISIS are meant to shock us, and they do. Those deaths should also strengthen our resolve to defeat, not just degrade ISIS.

Horrific as the ISIS killing spree is, their crimes are not new.

The United Nations came out with a report detailing the fate of Iraqis buried alive, sold into sex slavery, and even crucified by ISIS, including hundreds of children, in events that killed thousands of people last fall or even earlier.

Unfortunately that same UN report only meekly concludes that "all human rights violations must be stopped."

Stating the obvious will not help us defeat the evil of ISIS.

Instead the world's outrage should to translate to swift action for the sake of innocent children in Iraq and innocent people everywhere.


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