Muscogee Co. School Board discusses hiring policy

Muscogee Co. School Board discusses hiring policy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Monday, February 16, the Muscogee County School board appointed David Goldberg as the new Interim Chief of Operations and Facilities Officer.

However, before they voted, board member Frank Myers voiced concerns about the hiring process, believing members did not have the opportunity to meet Goldberg before he was recommended.

"The review of applications and the screening process is over. And now it's time to vote and if it's not the job of the Board of Education then why are we here," asks Myers.

This lead to the discussion of the district's hiring policy and how members must vote on the superintendent's recommendation.

"The superintendent is our CEO of our school system. He is responsible for daily operations which require hiring his staff. They don't work for us," explains member, Patricia Hugley-Green.

"This is where I differ from that because I think we're qualified that we picked a superintendent and if our board can pick a superintendent, we definitely should be able to pick a chief operations officer," says board member, Mark Cantrell.

The board also approved a resolution in support of the U.S. Army and Fort Benning.

The U.S. Army has released findings determining that if Sequestration continues, it will result in losses of soldiers and civilian positions on Fort Benning.

"Clearly Fort Benning is a supporter of our entire community and with the school system and we want to do what we can to support Ft. Benning for all it has done for our community and school system over the years," explains Superintendent, Dr. David Lewis.

Lewis also responded to Governor Nathan Deal's plan giving the state authority to takeover underperforming schools.

Five schools are eligible for takeover in Muscogee County including Georgetown Elementary, Lonnie Jackson Academy, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Rigdon Road Elementary and South Columbus Elementary.

"It's really early. It's all just preliminary information,” says Lewis, “We've seen improvement in several of those schools already and the bill as I've read it does not pertain to schools with new superintendents. So it gives time and the whole point of that is to give the superintendent time to change the direction of the school, which we are doing."

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