Meet Aysia Miles, a nominee for the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year

Meet Aysia Miles, a nominee for the Youth of the Year

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Aysia Miles has come a long way since attending the Boys and Girls Club.

"The Boys and Girls Club has shaped me up as I was rough around the edges and I am transforming and I had a couple downfalls, but the Boys and Girls Club brought me back to life," Miles says.

She also says the organization allows her to overcome the problems she faces and she desires to help others overcome their problems.

Miles remembers her first experience at the club and how it made a lasting impression on her life. Miles remembers meeting Coach Melvin and she says he has been a father figure in her life.

She continues to keep in touch with Coach Melvin as she matures through the mentorship of the organization. The program also taught her the importance of morals and character development.

Now she uses her growth and talents to mentor young ladies in order to make a difference in their lives.

Miles added, "I help with the teens and I manage girl talk, smart girls, health fitness, I help with some of the paperwork and some of the small kids."

Miles continues to make friends and the organization enhances her social skills. After graduating from high school she plans to enter the Air Force. Following the Air Force she would like to retire and become a teacher.

She is excited to compete for Youth of the Year and she's thankful for everything the Boys and Girls Club has taught her. She says the club has truly given her a new start.

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