Faith-Bridge Foster Care hosts foster care forum

Faith-Bridge Foster Care hosts foster care forum

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Several community leaders met in Columbus to discuss the high demand for foster homes in the region.

"Faith-Bridge Foster Care" of Alpharetta held the meeting at Cascade Hills church.

The organization presented results of a local study on the needs of foster children in the Chattahoochee Valley.

According to the study, over 400 children in the valley need a foster home and 370 of those children are in Muscogee County. Many call this a big problem that needs immediate attention.

"When you have a community that has a high demand for foster homes, but you don't have enough homes, the children are moved outside their county, which means there are probably over 200 hundred children tonight that have been moved outside Muscogee County, outside the Chattahoochee Valley, just because there is not enough resources in the community," says Bill Hancock, President of Faith-bridge Foster Care.

Hancock says there are only 60 licensed homes in the valley to serve those children.

Faith-Bridge's mission is to help local communities across Georgia find solutions to what has been called "a foster care crisis".

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