VIDEO: Man plows snowy walkways on motorized toilet

VIDEO: Man plows snowy walkways on motorized toilet

BETHESDA, MD (WTVM) - Author George R.R. Martin wrote you can win or die playing games with thrones, but one man has turned his porcelain throne into a motorized snow-shoveling device that would make Mr Plow jealous.

David Goldberg, of Bethesda, MD, created his device called "Loo-cy," also named "Loo-cille," last summer, with a design similar to a motorized wheelchair with a toilet as the seat.

As record-breaking snows have covered the East Coast in recent weeks, Goldberg put a plow on the front of his invention and posted the video on YouTube and sent a picture to WUSA in Washington, DC.

Goldberg, who operates a hardware store in Maryland, told the news station that "Loo-cy was modified just for the heavy snowfall in the area.

"Taking something very private and making it a spectacle is a jolt to the system by itself. But having it plow snow... Over the top!" he says in the YouTube description.

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