Time is running out for keeping the Department of Homeland Security funded

Time is running out for keeping the DHS funded

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Department of Homeland Security is just days away from facing a potential shut down.

If congressional leaders cannot do a deal by Friday, the agency's funding will run out.

Both Republicans and Democrats are in agreement that the Department of Homeland Security's funding should be re-authorized. The problem comes in how they plan to get there.

Alabama senator Jeff Sessions said, "This is a historic debate, this is a historic overreach by the president and he must be stopped regardless of the merits of the immigration issue which I think is very significant itself. "

The Obama administration is warning that a shutdown of the DHS is a real possibility and it could mean a real threat to national security.

A shut down could sent up to 13 percent of DHS employees home, but the majority will remain at work. 2013 White House documents say departments like border security, immigration enforcement, airport TSA, and cyber security will remain open out of necessity for the safety of life and protection of property.

Key services that are expected to close are FEMA risk mapping and US Coast Guard services to maritime commerce and recreational boating.

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