Fort Benning hosts dive training for soldiers

Diver training for soldiers

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Local soldiers are learning how to fight the enemy, not from the ground or air, but from underwater.

Diver training and certification is being taught by Fort Benning instructors at the Columbus Aquatics Center.

The students are possible candidates for Special Forces Underwater Operations.

It's a full-day, with physical training starting at 5 a.m. They will have pool time all morning and finally, swimming up to three-thousand meters at victory pond in the afternoon.

Dive officers admit it's a difficult course.

"Completing our 2-week program, you probably see one in three, one in four completion, so 25 to 33 percent," 4th Major Training Battalion Richard McNaughton said.

They learn a lot in their scuba equipment and out of the water.

Again, those that pass this pre-combat diving course will then go to the Special Forces Underwater Operations dive school in Key West, FL.

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