Suspicious package found in Columbus

Suspicious package found on 13th St.
(Source: WTMV)
(Source: WTMV)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A man is in jail tonight for allegedly causing quite a scare at lunchtime today, February 25, in Midtown Columbus.

Columbus police arrested 60-year-old Richard Smith in connection with the incident.

Smith has been charged with disorderly conduct, making terrorist threats and causing a false alarm.

Investigators say that at 11:30 AM, someone called 911 about a suspicious package in the parking lot of Piggly Wiggly off 13th Street.

Police blocked off part of that road and kept people inside the grocery store as a precaution.

The Columbus Hazardous Devices Response team determined the package was not a dangerous or an explosive device.

"We didn't have to blow it up...we did a disruption of it, so it's one of our techniques we use to open up a package and make sure it's safe for everyone to return back to the parking lot and businesses," says Lt. Brad Hicks, of the Columbus Bomb Squad.

Hicks says the bomb squad found several small items in the 12x12 taped-up cardboard box. Lt. Hicks says if anyone comes across a suspicious package, don't touch it. Call police right away.

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