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Testimony at murder-for-hire trial: Shea 'is probably dead somewhere,' mother said

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – Day two of the Lisa Graham retrial continued on Thursday, with several more witnesses taking the stand in the retrial.

The state and the defense are questioning key witnesses in this case.

Graham is accused of hiring a man to kill her daughter, 20-year-old Shea Stephanie Smith in 2007.

One of Thursday's emotional testimonies came from one of Shae's childhood friends. The woman says she has known Lisa Graham most of her life and was close friends with Shae up until the time she moved to Dothan, AL when she was in her teens.

She says she always remembered Lisa Graham being negative toward her daughter. She says she kept in contact with Lisa graham through the years because her mom and Lisa were best friends.

She mentioned during a phone call Lisa was upset Shae was in trouble again and said, "if I could kill her and get away with it I would."

On the stand now is a friend of Shae who was with her the night she was murdered. He says they dropped Shae off at the Race Trac on victory drive where he says she got in the truck with Kenneth Walton.

Shae was supposed to meet back up with them later but they never saw her again. He mentioned the next day they saw something on the news about a girl found in Russell County that could be Shae. 

When they talked to Lisa Graham he says she responded by saying "she's probably dead somewhere."

Testimony continues through Thursday afternoon.

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