Fmr. Investigator, neighbors testifies in day 3 of Lisa Graham retrial

Day 3 of Lisa Graham retrial

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – The third day of the Lisa Graham retrial placed a spotlight on the former police investigator and his findings in Shae Graham's death investigation.

Grover Goodrich was called to testify Friday morning. Goodrich was a former Russell County Sheriff's office investigator and part of the investigative team on the case.

Goodrich testifies he was one of the investigators that saw Shae Graham's naked body, located in the southern part of Russell County. Shae Graham, 20, was shot and killed in July 2007.

During the investigation and questioning, Goodrich was informed by Kevin Graham, Shae Graham's father: "You need to look at Kenny Walton. He may have killed my daughter."

Goodrich also said that during the search of Kevin and Lisa Graham's home hours about the murder, Kevin Graham handed a cassette tape to Goodrich saying: "You need to listen to this tape."

Investigators, including Goodrich, search the console of Lisa's car for the 9mm gun used to kill Shae Graham.

Goodrich overheard Lisa saying to her husband, "The gun may be at papa's house - Warren Thompson."

The gun was found at Thompson's house in a bag. Goodrich said it appeared the gun had blood on the barrel.

Once Lisa Graham was arrested and charged with Capitol murder of her daughter, Goodrich says Lisa was not concerned about her arrest.

Handcuffed in the police car, Lisa Graham said she was worried about the food people had brought to her house after her daughter's death and that she should have brought to the Sheriff's office with her because the investigators "must be hungry."

Also testifying today were several neighbors of Lisa Graham. One of those neighbors, Rachel Cunningham who now lives in Birmingham, AL, testified to what she heard and saw outside her home days before Shae was killed.

Cunningham said she overheard a conversation between Lisa Graham and Kenny Walton discussing "how to kill Shae, how to clean up the mess, how to do the murder fast and how easy it should be to get it all done."

She also mentioned they talked about meeting up with each other at a library.

Cunningham also testified that Lisa used to talk about killing Shae all the time and no one took it to heart because they thought she was blowing off steam and talked about it so frequently.

Another neighbor who loves right across the street from Lisa Graham states he's seen Lisa slap Shae before in their front yard and it was not unusual.

One of the key people to testify was Kevin Graham, Lisa Graham husband.

Kevin Graham says Lisa told him she was going to the library in Columbus the same day Shae was killed July 5th 2007.

Kevin Graham was questioned about the relationship between him and Kenny Walton, the man who is accused of killing his Stephanie Shae Graham. Walton worked for Kevin him who owned his own home building business.

Graham fired Walton two days before his daughter was killed. Kevin Graham also says Walton came to him twice to tell him that Lisa asked him twice to kill Shae.

During the investigation, Graham described Walton as, "The man who killed my daughter and said he should be a suspect," said Graham.

Kevin also testified that his wife Lisa talked to Walton while he was in jail agreeing to hire him a lawyer to get him out.

Graham says he never thought his wife would want to harm their daughter but they did not have a good relationship.

It also came out in court Friday that Kevin Graham is a convicted sex offender in Russell County.

Kevin Graham was the last person to testify, Friday.

WTVM will be in the courtroom when testimonies continue Monday at 9 a.m.

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