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Smooth sailing for Columbus DHS in face of potential national shut down


The Columbus Department of Homeland Security is dodging potential blows that a federal shut down could send its way.

The area's agency is funded through local dollars, which is why Columbus DHS official aren't too worried and expect minimal impact on our area.

Lt. Brad Hicks, former director of the Columbus Department of Homeland Security, said, "Columbus kind of set the example for the rest of the state to follow. We were one of the first local offices of homeland security."

While there are some jobs in our area that are funded through federal dollars, like TSA personnel, most of the positions fall into the "necessity" category, meaning they will continue to operate.

"The United States government isn't going to just going to shut the doors, or even pull security off where we need to protect," Hicks said. "All of the key resources that are in place will still remain in place."

However, across the country many state law enforcement agencies could suffer the side effects of a shut down, as many are funded through DHS grants; but once again, the protective shield of local dollars is helping Columbus operations stay running.

"Ultimately that office's job is to prevent, protect, respond, and recover to any type of man made or natural act , and that office is still in full swing of things, and running under great leadership," Hicks said.

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