Lisa Graham's defense rests, asks for acquittal in retrial

Lisa Graham retrial

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The fifth day of the Lisa Graham retrial led to more crucial evidence presented and the defense calling for an acquittal of their client.

The jury in the Lisa Graham murder-for-hire case continued watching a video of her interrogation Tuesday morning, recorded at the Russell County Jail just days after the 2007 shooting death of her daughter, 21-year-old Stephanie Shae Graham.

The DVD was made before the defendant was charged in connection with her daughter's death. The recording started with a conversation between Lisa Graham's husband, Kevin, who asked to speak to his wife while she being recorded at the jail.

When Kevin entered the room, Lisa immediately stated: "You know I loaned Kenny the gun to get Aiesha, you know that." Aiesha is the cousin of the gunman Kenny Walton. Aiesha was accused of having an affair with Lisa's husband, Kevin.

Kevin went on to say, "Papa said you brought the gun to him Friday."

Lisa replied: "He was on his medication and he probably doesn't know what day it is, and if they put me in jail, I don't give a [expletive], that's how I feel."

Kevin also told Lisa that he couldn't believe she would have anything to do with it. Lisa is seen telling him, "I didn't hide that gun."

Lisa explained she didn't want to reveal to investigators where the gun was because she felt they would not return it.

"Why do I want to give them another one for a trial that could drag out for 200 years," Lisa asked.

Lisa says Lee County authorities did not return another weapon they retrieved from her in an unrelated matter.

According to testimony by Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor, the murder weapon which belonged to Lisa Graham was found at the home of Lisa Graham's grandfather, also known as Papa.

The statements Lisa made to her husband are inconsistent with testimony from the gunman Kenny Walton. Walton testified last week he gave the gun back to Lisa on Friday at her home, the day after he shot Shae six times on Bowden Road.

Following Walton's confession, investigators went to the Graham's home to search for the weapon. Taylor testified Lisa was acting as though she was helping them look for the gun, until Taylor asked Kevin where Lisa would have hid the gun that they located it.

Kevin replied, "Check with Papa."

When investigators went down the street to Papa's home and asked for the gun, he brought it out in a camo bag and stated Lisa gave the gun to him on Friday.

Kevin then explained how Papa never lied and that he said Lisa brought the gun down there to him. "I didn't, he was up at the house," said Lisa on the DVD.

Kevin then utters, "Did you do it?"

"No, but Kenny is going to tell them I did," explained Lisa.

"You are not going to believe me, you never believe anything I told you about Shae - why would you start tonight?" As the conversation continues, Kevin talked about how he can't get a grip on the situation and inquired about how Papa got the gun.

"Kevin, if I was going to hide the gun, would it be at Papa's - no, I would throw it in the river," answered Lisa. "My God, I tried to killed myself, doesn't that tell you anything?"

Lisa claimed Kenny got the gun out of her truck at the library on Macon Road on his own free will on Tuesday, July 3, 2007. Lisa insists the conversation at the library with Kenny was about his wife and not about Shae.

The DVD later switches to a conversation between Taylor and Lisa after Kevin walked out of the room at the jail.

Taylor began the dialogue by saying, "I know Shae stole money from y'all, wrote bad checks, forged checks, you've bonded her out of jail and it cost you money over and over again."

Taylor then wanted to know if Lisa was saying those things about wanting someone to do something with Shae because she was upset or was Shae was making her so miserable that she wanted her dead.

Taylor also told Lisa if she had done something wrong, she needed to ask for forgiveness and pay the penalty for what she did. Taylor proceeded with comments about what he said Kenny told him about how he got the gun out of Lisa's Avalanche.

"He could have, Kenny got the gun out whenever," Lisa responded.

Taylor then explains to Lisa that Kenny had already implicated her, saying he kill Shae under Lisa's direction.

"I've got the ballistics, shell casings and you know if the gun will match and I've got the cell records and you know you and him were calling each other," Taylor said. "Kenny is a liar. He said your keys were on the counter and he left them for you in the floor board of your truck. He didn't say he went into the gas cap, and your Papa says he got the gun from you on Friday to clean it."

Lisa answered, "You think I'm guilty?"

Taylor said, "I do and I think you know that gun will match. Kenny struggled for so long, not wanting to tell the truth. He had to tell the whole truth. He had to tell me."

Taylor testified about the phone call he had Kenny make to Lisa before she was arrested.

"I wanted to hear what you had to say; if you didn't have anything to do with it you, you wouldn't have entertained anything about his bond because you had an agreement."

In the phone conversation, which was also played for the jury, Kenny asked Lisa, "Did you do what I asked you about getting the gun cleaned?"

Following the last of the evidence, both the state and defense rested with the latter asking the judge for a motion of acquittal, which was denied. The defense does intend to renew their request for an acquittal.

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