2013 Opelika shooting victim named suspect prior to death

2013 Opelika shooting victim named suspect prior to death

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In March 2013, Anthony Jones died in surgery at East Alabama Medical Center from a gunshot wound to his chest.

However, Jones lived long enough for Opelika police to record an interview with him in the emergency room about the shooting.

Many jurors cried while listening to the tape in court on Tuesday.

The last words, moans, and shouts of Anthony Jones echoed through the courtroom as jurors listened to a recording from Opelika Officer Brian Hunley's body mic, who was with Jones as ER doctors worked to save his life.

Jones died in surgery, but his words live on through the tape. As if testifying from the grave, jurors heard Jones identify Montavious Askew, whose nickname is 'Dunk," as the man who shot him.

"When I asked him who shot him, and he had an oxygen mask on he said Duke, I asked him several times and he said Duke from what I heard," Hunley said.

On the night of the shooting, Kasheena Grant testified she was with a group outside a home on Dogwood Avenue getting ready to go to a club.

Grant testified she saw the defendant take the drug Molly and then heard a gunshot.

"All I heard and seen was the light and the loud noise from the gun, I ducked down and when I looked up I asked what was going on and he was running past me," Grant said. "Dunk was running past me to the car."

Grant testified after the defendant ran, the victim, who she calls Turk, told her the defendant had shot him.

"I said Turk you alright and he said no, Dunk shot me," Grant said.

At this point we don't know what sparked this deadly shooting. No clear motive for the deadly shooting has been presented to the jury.

Meanwhile, Askew's attorney says her client is not guilty because somebody else shot Jones.

It is possible Askew could take the stand in his own defense, and News Leader 9 will be there if he does.

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