KY woman defends store from would-be robbers

KY woman defends store from would-be robbers

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVM) - One family-owned store is happy to have a tough young woman as their employee after video surfaced of her fighting off two would-be robbers - one of which were armed.

Zara Adil, 21, was working at a Lexington, KY tobacco shop on Feb. 27 when two men in masks and hoods slowly crept into the store. One of the men went behind the counter and demanded money from inside the register.

As Adil and the armed man struggle for the register full of cash, the unknown man drops the gun on the counter, and she picks it up.

Adil said she picked up the handgun and pointed it at both men, telling ABC affiliate KTVQ, "You run and I will shoot you."

The second suspect fled, while the one behind the counter began fighting with Adil, both struggling for the gun. Adil shot the man in the shoulder as he clutched the register.

Adil fought so hard to save the store, owned by her parents, from getting robbed, the robber only left with a gunshot wound - and no money from the register.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, Adil said nothing has ever happened like this before in her parents' store, and there was about $1,500 in the register.

In turn, the armed robbery suspect, identified by KTVQ as Darnell Thomas, Jr., was arrested and charged in connection to a total of 14 armed robberies in the Lexington, KY area.

Adil, a college student, says she's studying biology and wants to become a trauma surgeon.

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