Jury begins deliberations in Lisa Graham retrial

Jury begins deliberations in Lisa Graham retrial

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Closing arguments have ended in the retrial for Lisa Graham, the woman accused of hiring a man to kill her daughter, Stephanie Shae Graham, in 2007.

Jury deliberations will resume Thursday at 9 a.m.

A Russell County judge charged the jury to deliberate once both sides made their final arguments around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Russell County District Attorney Ken Davis spent hours recounting this case to the jury during closing arguments Wednesday. He said out of his 38 years of experience, this is the most troubling soul-searching case.

He handed out a transcription to the jury of the gunman Kenny Walton's testimony and the defendant in this case. He pointed out different excerpts in the more than 100-page document.  

He had the jury go to the lines when Sheriff Heath Taylor said to Lisa during the video recorded interrogation "You made some bad decisions?" Lisa replied, "I did and I can't take them back, if I could I would."

Davis told the jury that was a confession in his mind. However, defense attorney Margaret Brown said her client is not guilty of capital murder or murder.

That decision is now left up to the jury to decide. 

Recorded phone conversations from jail were also introduced to the jury during testimony Tuesday.

During the conversation, Lisa Graham breaks down, saying in part "he thought I meant it, I didn't really mean it."

Graham was referring to allegations she directly told suspect Kenny Walton to hill her daughter, which she adamantly denies doing.

Shae Graham was killed with her mother's gun. Authorities say Walton, a family friend, confessed to the 2007 murder.

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