How to keep your money safe from ATM skimmers

How to keep your money safe from ATM skimmers

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The locations of ATM skimmers found in the Columbus area earlier this week are still unavailable, after WTVM News Leader 9 reached out to the Financial Crimes Unit multiple times. However, there are things you can do to keep from falling victim.

Skimmers are devices that steal credit and debit card information. Wells Fargo managers advise checking the machine you're about to use before inserting your credit card. They explain getting a credit or debit card with new chip technology could also protect you if you do end up using a machine with a skimmer in place.

"The chip actually is a great tool to have on the credit card versus the magnetic strip because basically what happens when a customer goes to make a payment, there is a one time validation that is given and so that particular validation code actually expires after that payment is made," explained

Celeste Sumbry, Wells Fargo Store Manager. "So if a compromise or a theft occurs, when that validation code is getting for the second time, it wont work."

FBI reports advise blocking the keypad with one hand in case hidden camera's are rolling, as well as calling your bank if your card isn't returned after a transaction or hitting cancel.

Wells Fargo managers said they inspect their ATM's daily in addition to having amped up safety measures like well lit cameras, protective screens, and rear view mirrors.

FBI reports show using ATM's with increased measures like these can provide less access for criminals to install skimmers.

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