Charges unlikely for child who brought gun to Rigdon Rd. Elementary

Charges unlikely for child who brought gun to Rigdon Rd. Elementary

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The process of how parents were notified about an unloaded gun at Rigdon Road Elementary Monday has caused some problems. Some parents received letters and phone calls sent by the principal but others did not.

They're concerned for their children's safety after a student was found with the unloaded gun in his pocket.

"What's next? If he can pick up a gun, what's next?" said Jamie Cochran.

A letter from the principal of Rigdon Road Elementary says that a pre-kindergarten male student brought an 25-caliber pistol to school.

Jamie Cochran's daughter attends Pre-K at Rigdon Road Elementary. She says she didn't receive a letter or phone call, but was informed from another parent about the incident.

"Someone text me that at 3:30 yesterday, asking me if I knew about it and I said no, I don't know what you are talking about," said Cochran.

And Cochran says she was terrified when she read the details in the letter.

"Oh my God, my daughter is in that school," said Cochran.

Valerie Fuller, the Muscogee County School District Director of Communications, says parents are notified once information and facts about an incident are confirmed.

"The principal will notify parents of the incident via phone call and also letter in reference to the incident of what happened," said Fuller.

Fuller says parents should make sure their information is up to date with their child schools in case of any emergency. She says most of the time, that would be the reason why they didn't receive a phone call or letter about the incident. Fuller says no one was hurt and the gun was unloaded.

"Another thing that is typically done in a case like this is the information is reported to DFACS because the gun was discovered at school, but wasn't at school where the child obtained the weapon," said Fuller.

Parents are encouraged to check their child pockets and backpacks before and after school for any inappropriate items.

MCSD has a no-weapons policy. You can find the code of conduct concerning weapons here.

The patrol division of the Columbus Police Department says they are still investigating the case. They say because of the child's age, it is highly unlikely the male student will face any charges.

Depending on where and how the child received the gun, the parents may face reckless conduct charges.

It is not known if the child is still attending the school. News Leader 9 reached out to the principal of Rigdon Road Elementary for a comment, but calls were not returned.

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