New places to shop brings new jobs to Columbus

New places to shop brings new jobs to Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A shopping center in the valley has gotten a major renovation and Peachtree Mall is getting ready to bring in hundreds of new jobs with two trendy stores.

Angela Jacks with Peachtree Mall says H&M will be 21,000 square feet providing trendy clothes for the entire family.

"H&M and Forever 21 coming to Peachtree Mall is a huge deal, H&M is like the up and coming trend in fashion and everyone wants to have it," Jacks said.

She added the mall is more than just a place to shop.

"It's just a family-oriented atmosphere, plus it's indoors so no matter what the temperature is outside and what the weather conditions are you can always come inside and enjoy the mall," Jacks said.

Forever 21 will open in June and H&M in the fall.

Now there are two places you can shop this weekend at reasonable prices. Ross and Shoe Carnival are now both open to the public adding more than 50 new jobs to the area.

Customers we talked to today at the Midtown Shopping Center were happy with their new renovations,

"The Midtown Columbus Initiative has done a fabulous job rejuvenating this area, and it's nice to see businesses come not just to the North side but also in the heart of the city right here in Midtown," one shopper said. 

Ross's grand opening is March 7 at 9 a.m. They will be giving away $500. 

Shoe Carnival will have their grand opening on March 21. 

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